Thursday, 18 October 2012

New Year's Eve 2013

Newwwwwww Yearaaaaaar'ss Eveeeee!!!!

Did you feel as I did after screaming this phrase up there? Nothing better then letting your neighbourhood know that you are starting to plan New year's eve celebration while drinking coffe on a balcony reading this topic. And for those at work I hope your mood will be lift up too!

If you already haven't, it's about time to catch the last train planning the thing. And as you are reading this topic, I will do my best to bring you the feeling of famous London party that is coming to daylight, or should I say nightlight. First of all, let's remember how it was one year ago.

Looks good right? Yeaaahhh..
So if you're up for watching how night sky turns into series of beautiful colors, stay with me. Doesn't matter if you are a lovely couple looking for romantic experience of your life, or you are planning a trip for your family, this will be the event where everybody will find the feeling that they have been looking for. Knowing of fireworks experts in London, as they have shown their skills during the Olympics, it will be awesome!

The main fireworks begins at like ten minutes before midnight but if you don't wanna get stuck, good advise is to get to the location before 7pm as the roads will be closed at 8pm. Fireworks it's self is located beneath the London Eye, but will be visible from anywhere you can see The Eye. Best views will be from the South Bank, Westminster Bridge, Victoria Embankment and Waterloo Bridge. However, be warned that entrance to the most of these places will be closed at 8pm so if you want good view, you should go there earlier. There are like 1400 hotels near the main event but do not wait for the last moments because there might be like 700 000 or more people!

The cost and reservations

There are many agencies which offer the whole service that includes traveling, accommodation and the main event. The price can depend on which one you choose and where are you from, but I will provide you with some info based on London it's self . One room for two-three people by the time around the New years eve might cost  €400 -  €1000 per night in the hotel. Keep in mind that this info is based on hotels nearest to the main event and by the nearest date, usually prices are a lot lower! So choose from the list of hotels and book there, or you can do booking from the booking website.

London New Year's Eve 2013


  1. London's new year night life is awesome and i can not have enough words to express it. I enjoyed this video a lot. After watching it, i am planning to go for london at this new year eve.

  2. no doubt London's new year celebration is outstanding. this video is also amazing even i like fireworks, it looks so wonderful.

  3. i really like your site for london related infomation. thanks for this.