Thursday, 25 October 2012

British Firm Produces Petrol From Air

Every day we are listening about world going into crisis because of fuel. It can be in many ways, from the pollution of the nature, to the exhaustion of resources. Well, the problem might be gone in few years thanks to one company named Air Fuel Synthesis (AFS). They claim that they have made to produce the petrol from the air using a small refinery that synthesis the fuel from carbon dioxide and water vapour and by that, they have reached the first place leaving Jesus with His water into wine experiment on a second place.

British Firm Produces Petrol From Air

The whole process:
Air is blown into a tower filled with a mist of sodium hydroxide solution. The carbon dioxide in the air reacts with some of the sodium hydroxide to form sodium carbonate.
This sodium carbonate is then electrolysed to release the carbon dioxide, which is collected and stored.
A dehumidifier condenses water out of the same air passed into the tower, with this condensed water then passed into an electrolyser where it is split into hydrogen and oxygen.
The carbon dioxide and hydrogren are reacted together to make a hydrocarbon mixture, with reaction conditions varied depending on the kind of fuel required.
The product can then be mixed with the same additives used in current fuels to ease starting, burn cleanly and avoid corrosion problems. Otherwise it can be blended directly with gasoline, diesel and aviation fuel.

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